Does anyone else wonder about the term wellness?

Like, I’m not even convinced its real. Google told me it was ‘the state of being in good health.’ What does that even mean?

Does it mean mentally healthy? Physically healthy? Can you be overweight? Or can you only be thin? Does what you eat come into this? Do you have to sleep like 14 hours a night? (Please tell me its this one, because I will be so god damn ‘well’ its not even funny)

Please Google, give me some parameters here, because I want to get on this fad train.

Since Google has failed to come through, the only source of reference I (and many other people) have is social media.

We see a tonne of ‘wellness’ bloggers around, and they all portray this life of having achieved the magic ‘wellness’ lifestyle, and we are told this is the best way to live our lives. They eat these amazing fancy foods which include chia, kombucha and kale; and practice yoga and pilates all day and somehow look perfect whilst doing it.

They share Instagram stories of them working out in their crop tops and Nike Airs, going to organic restaurants and eating smoothie bowls (again, this is a thing!?) and having the most perfectly shaped brows ever (this one annoys me the MOST, because as someone with thick brows I know they are never that perfect without a whole tube of clear brow gel, applied so liberally that those suckers are not moving for a month – no ones brows look that great naturally!)

Now I am not saying that they should stop – if they are living their best life, looking amazing and achieving the ‘wellness’ thing, good on them. (I still don’t believe them about the eyebrows though) In fact, continue on doing it girl! I’m here for it and I will support those girl bosses until the end of time.

My problem is that I haven’t really seen an alternative to the kombucha, yoga, crop top wellness that I can relate to. Now, if you have seen some, please let me know, because I am willing to admit that my explore pages could be showing me only one thing based on an algorithm.

However to balance it out a little and to show the diversity in the world here is my wellness timetable this week:

I’ve had a long week – not because it was bad, in fact I got a lot done at work and I’m happy with the work I did. I’m proud of that, and I like my work and like a lot of other people, I spend a majority of my day behind a desk.

But I’ve been working out, trying to lose weight and in the process, I’ve given myself shin splints, which has slowly progressed up my legs to my knees and now my hips. I haven’t been able to wear heels this week and picking things up has been agony.

Today, I’m sitting here in PJs, having slept in this morning and then browsing the internet until noon. I may take the dog for a run later, but lets be real, I’ll probably blow it off and blame it on the weather.

And on the weather, I have been sleeping later and later past my alarm at the moment, because its so cold I don’t want to get out of bed. I probably look more and more like a witch every time I come into work because I leave myself less and less time to get ready.

I am trying to eat well, but something I have eaten has set my IBS off, so now I am bloated and sore and have a headache. I am eating pretty well to a modified keto diet, but I had a couple of glasses of wine with some girlfriends last week and its taken me four days to get back into ketosis.

Not to mention, I hate kale, and kombucha, and although I like chia and quinoa they are like 4 times the price of rice at Coles. Our grocery bills are already expensive, I don’t have the the money nor the time for that. Especially when I would much rather just make a smoothie and drink it – maybe this will be a new trend!?

I have also come to the conclusion that I don’t like yoga – having my head between my knees gives me a headache. And whilst I love stretching, I can do that and take a nap in my own house with the $40 I saved from not paying to go to a class.

I also really like sports crops – just under my baggy work out tops, because I’m still hiding my tummy rolls and I like being able to have a nap in them after my workouts. Not to mention, Nikes really really really really hurt my feet. I’ve tried, I really have, they are so pretty and nice and I would love to wear them but I’m going back to Asic Netball boots. They are more supportive to my flat, sore feet – which I really need to go see a podiatrist about.

I’ve got housework to do, and work to do this weekend and I’ll probably do it all with my hair piled on top of my head looking like a mess and sweating like a pig from the slightest exertion. When I do go out I’ll put my holey leggings on (I really need to email the brand about that, they are only a month old) and further neglect some of the errands I need to run.

So yes, this is my wellness timetable/journey/adventure, if you can even call it that. I’m not perfect, I haven’t achieved wellness (which I’m not even convinced is real) and I’ll continue to muddle along pretending to have my shit together.

So if you too aren’t quite to the standard of the girl bosses out their rocking their shit, don’t worry, we are doing our wellness journey a little bit differently.


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