So, its one am in the morning as I write this, and I have to be up for work soon, but I cannot sleep.

I have been watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, and it has to be one of the most inspiring shows I have watched in some time.

I know, inspiration can come in the weirdest places.

There is nothing overly difficult about Chef’s Table, and the show is endlessly positive, but it tells the story of high profile chefs and how they came to be where they are. There’s no ridiculous drama, over the top narration; just the simple stories of inspirational chefs with no pretentiousness.

I’m low key in love.

But as I lay in bed, with a headache and a neck kink, I got thinking about inspiration.

It comes in the weirdest places. For many years, I thought I would never be inspired again, and it took years of healing before I was in a place where I could see the words forming in front of my eyes, or the shots I wanted to muck around with.

I hadn’t picked up an art brush for over 5 years, until the other week I almost completed a whole painting in two days.

My Mum always said to me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel; and whilst I don’t think I am out of the tunnel, running down the mountainside in glee, I do think I bathed in the warm glow of autumn sun.

I’m starting to feel the inspiration everywhere. I saw it yesterday, watching a Youtube video, where a vlogger I like spoke openly and frankly about her experiences and answered some fan questions.

I felt it watching my colleague totally own managing our team whilst a superior was on holidays. And I found it in my dog, watching him get so overly excited about a walk on Sunday that I could barely hold on to the lead he was pulling so hard.

It filled my heart with happiness and hope, and I have spent the last two days trying to articulate it for this post! (Of course it comes at the worst time)

In my musings, I feel like my story and the re-emergence of inspiration has come from a really wholesome place. In my darkest times I had people with me who loved me, and just were with me. I had a community, and herd of people supporting me, providing me with a base I could pick myself up from.

I feel like this mirrors the stories of the chef’s in the show. The strong recurring theme throughout was this focus on family, home and the strength that your community can provide to you, no matter where that community comes from.

My community allowed me to heal, more so than any medication. They are now the majority of my inspiration. And it really just confirmed to me, that the family and friends we keep are the most important assets in our lives.

I cannot wait to kick into the next round of chefs (I just completed the pastry chef’s) tomorrow night, hopefully before falling asleep EASILY.

But I just wanted to leave the thoughts here reaffirming that inspiration and hope does come back. I’ve been so alone and felt so isolated during parts of my journey that hope and inspiration feel numb inside me, however I have learnt to reach out to my loved ones to reassure myself I am not alone.

And neither are you – like the chef’s from Chef’s Table, we cannot create on our own, so neither can we heal ourselves on our own.

Public Service Announcement: This post will really make you want to travel the world. I am now considering going to Spain for a 600 Euro meal, like its nothing!

Also P.S. This show inspired me so much, I tweeted Dan Murrell on Twitter about it! (EEEK) (He loves the Great British Bake Off) and it took so much courage on my part. So I’m leaving this here like a pat on the back about it. 🙂


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