AHHHH! Do you ever have that moment when you are trying to remember a word in your head and cannot. for the life. of you. remember. it. ?

I had that moment not a moment ago, sitting down to write a post on glossy make up. Now, I’m not completing that post as it was going to be more sharing inspiration pictures from Pinterest, and I feel like we have moved on from that, and its a little bit lazy.

However I was trying to remember the word ‘anathema’ for the sentence, ‘now glossy make up on combination skin might sound anathema to most people with combination skin.’

The frustration from those nodes in my brain not connecting and giving me the path I wanted bloomed it almost euphoric levels of pleasure after scouring my dictionary for 20 minutes and finding my word.

I feel like I could curl up in bed and go to sleep now, all blissed out.

So for those who don’t know what does ‘anathema’ mean? Well, young Padawan, it means:

something or someone that one vehemently dislikes

Now, I normally try to stay away from things that have too many religious connotations, however this word has its origins from 16th century ecclesiastical Latin, meaning excommunicated person. So not only do you really not like something, you got the big holy person not liking it too. Its just adds a good amount of drama to the sentence. 

And personally, I just really like how the word rolls of the tongue.

So yes, that was my biggest frustration this afternoon! And really I felt discussing this small moment of annoyance and bliss was more rewarding for me and yourselves than sticking up some pictures of glossy makeup (you can find some here though).

And lets be honest we all learnt something today with the ecclesiastical Latin bit.

And I’m really proud of all the unique and interesting words brought back in this post! I mean, we got anathema, ecclesiastical, connotation and euphoric (I was thinking of using orgasmic, but I felt it was a bit overused in today’s 50 Shade’s literature so I went for something I hoped was more original) I feel like those year 12 literature classes have finally worn off, 10 years too late. 🙂


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