I am a HUGE tea lover. I have been drinking it almost my whole life, and its a huge part of my family bonding process.

You know you’ve made it in when you are offered a cup of tea.

When I am with my family I can drink up to 8 cups of english breakfast tea a day. One before breakfast, one with breakfast, one for morning tea, one with lunch, one with afternoon tea, one before dinner and one after dinner, finishing the day with one before bed.

It’s literally how we progress through our day – what time is it? TEA TIME.

Today, I have a cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to tea, all different, beautiful kinds of tea. When its my birthday, my friends buy me – you guessed it tea! I even HOARD the stuff. My colleagues at work bought me a huge T2 tub of tea last year and I keep putting off using it because I only drink gifted tea on ‘special occassions.’

I am a tea connnoisseur, I am addicted to tea, I am a fully indoctrinated tea fanatic. 

Now for all its health benefits, I am self-aware enough to admit that 8 cups of caffeinated tea a day is not great for me. You know, everything in moderation and all.

So I have been trying to reduce my caffeine consumption (I’m pretty sure caffeine doesn’t help my anxiety either), which means not drinking alot of my black teas and english breakfast varieties.

This means I have introduced some new teas into the rotation!

Now, a few years ago I found a chai tea whilst on holiday in Italy. I was looking for a chai tea so I didn’t have to do the powered milk mixture or syrup thing as I didn’t feel they had a very full flavour.

In a department store in Milan I found the Kusmi Chai Tea with 6 spices. Now just for the record, I bought two boxes and this is my second box, so this tea has been a big favourite of mine for a while now; but it has recently come back through to remind me of how good it is (its like I have shopped my own tea wardrobe!).

It has a really full flavour, and the cinnamon means I do not require much sugar or honey. I can drink this with or without milk, just in some hot water and enjoy it just as easily. It is a tea I do seem to come back to throughout the winter months. For those living in Australia I did see these in David Jones once, with the Harrod’s Teas, however I am not sure if they still stock them.

Now a new brand to me is the Higher Living Teas. A colleague at work recommended these to me as she was really enjoying the white tea and strawberry tea bags. When I went to check them out, they were on sale as Coles for $2 for 10 tea bags – it was the quickest SOLD moment I have ever had. I also picked up a couple of varieties. They also have the cutest haiku’s on the packaging that make me smile every time I see them! (It’s the little things in life you know!)

The Higher Living Tea range that Coles stock seem to consist of mainly white teas. White teas are less processed than both black and green teas so they maintain a higher quantity of antioxidants and less caffeine (a plus for someone wanting to watch their caffeine levels).

I love the White Tea and Strawberry tea bags. It is a really light, easy to drink variety that has that mild white tea flavour infused with the hint of strawberry. I find the white teas a bit lighter, and very ‘silky’ in comparison to green teas and oolong and with a milder flavour. Strawberries are a favourite fruit of mine as well, so the mixture is perfect for me.

I drink this tea without milk, just hot water with a dash of cold mixed in so I can drink it straight away. I also make this as an iced tea when its warmer as its a really refreshing mix that even H (who is no tea fanatic) enjoys.

Another favourite in the range is the Cinnamon variety. Now this is no Kusmi chai, but it is a really warm, wholesome flavour that is mixed in with a white tea. So again, little caffeine, light base flavour with that smooth texture mixed in with the warm, spicy cinnamon which requires little honey or sugar.

Again I drink this tea without milk, just hot water with the dash of cold mixed in.

Lastly from Higher Living I have been trying out the Sweet Dreams variety. This is a huge new favourite of mine as it really, really works. Again, a white tea, this flavour has a very strong lavender infusion with an underlying hint of chamomile which is simultaneously relaxing and luxuriating and it really does put me right to sleep. I have to be very careful when I drink this.

It also contains peppermint, which is fantastic for my IBS, so when I’m bloated I get both the relaxation and the anti-bloating effects. I drink this without milk, just in hot water with a dash of cold. I don’t mix anything else with this either as I often drink this, clean my teeth and head off to bed.

Finally, I couldn’t not talk about my T2 Good Morning. Now this is a fully caffeinated, black tea that is a subtle variation on their English Breakfast. I recently ran out of my Dilmah at home, and in my desperation pulled this out of its special place (I only drink this tea on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas) and haven’t been able to stop drinking this ever since.

I only have one of these a day, mixed with milk and a bit of something sweeter. I prefer this to the T2 English Breakfast as I find it a bit softer, and smoother. The box pictured in the picture above is my small box that came in a series (yes I have multiple boxes of this stuff!), but it is convincing me that I cannot keep hoarding these varieties for special occassions!

So these are all of my favourite teas at the moment, and yes I am aware I have written a huge post on tea, but it is a passion subject of mine! I also wanted to let you know, even though I am in no way big enough to do sponsored posts, this wasn’t sponsored. These teas are just really good!



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