A while ago I wrote about how my skin started rejecting products with silicone in them, specifically the ingredient dimethicone (I know this isn’t the only silicone ingredient but it seems to be the one my skin reacts most to). I don’t know why this was, or what caused it, but I had to adjust my whole beauty routine, including make up.

One of the products I bought to replace my dimethicone based primer was the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I primarily bought this because I heard Tati Westbrook rave about it on her channel and she has done me no wrong with make up recommendations. (Check her out if you aren’t one of the almost four million people already tuning in)


No problems, I got you. The best thing about this primer? The lemon cake smell. The second best thing? The moisturising that doesn’t leave me oily. In fact this primer absorbs right in, so quickly I can put on make up almost straight away, no slip or slide.

Want the full run down? Also got you:

I love the nourishment this gives to my skin in the morning, so much that I do not feel I have to wear a day moisturiser. I have a dry combination skin type so I need moisture on most of my face, however my nose gets a bit oily throughout the day. I find this primer doesn’t exasperate this any more than other primers I have tried, and it assists the drier parts of my face from getting dry throughout the day.

I have had less itchy patches on my face since using this face base and I have tried it out with a few different foundations.

It hasn’t reduced the longevity of their wear much, if at all. This was a major concern of mine trying out this product, as I work full time and my job offers exercise classes straight after work so I don’t have time to take my make up off (not that I want to, my poor colleagues don’t need to see that!). I find that this primer still allows me to exercise with foundation on and come out of it ok, with no new breakouts.

Finally, although there are some complicated ingredients in this base (for example: Cyclopentasiloxane, which I have only included because I cannot pronounce it) I do love the inclusions of shea butter which I find nourishes my skin well and vitamins b, c and e for their environmental protection qualities.

My biggest problem with this product? The price for the amount of product you get ($85 AUD!). Especially because now I think I am addicted.

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