Last week I had a break from my screens at home.

I ran instagram on autopilot, watched re-runs of Archer, and slept.

I work in the corporate world, so I stare at screens all day, typing away, and it can be really difficult to come home at night and do it all over again.

So every now and then I like to put the screens away for a while.

Sometimes they are planned breaks, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes I have so much going on outside of the screens that I need to switch off for a while and gather my thoughts, or my energy.

That was my week last week, and screens weren’t the only thing I had a break from. I also took a break from my diet.

I have been following a pretty strict diet for the last 3 months, and I had so much going on in my head last week that it was too exhausting to manage a diet as well.

So I took a break.

I am really feeling it now, as my tummy is super bloated and sore, and really hating me, but it was worth it for the mental health break I needed.

I returned to work today excited for the week ahead, excited to get back into some exercise and excited to get back into my diet.

Its ok to take breaks, to give your life some balance. Whether that is switching off, eating that food you wanted or relaxing at home. Disconnecting for a while is important to reset our minds to continue in this busy world.


3 replies on “Disconnect

  1. I may be controversial but I try to disconnect every Sunday and eat without screens.
    The amount of information that screams for our attention from the screens is too much to process every single day.


    1. Oh my gosh I know! I don’t think that’s controversial, I think thats great if it works for you! I find that I enjoy quite a bit of online shopping so I don’t disconnect as much as I should but I am definitely trying to make more of a habit of it.


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