As we all know now, I have been struggling with an adverse reaction to silicone on my face. This means I have had to replace my foundation along with almost everything else in my beauty cabinet. And lets be honest – I got to spend an hour in the beauty section of David Jones, so really thats the biggest win here.

And I know you can see by the picture and name, this is about a golden oldy that EVERYONE has done a review on. But in the name of reviewing things I’m finding for the first time and getting to grips on this product thing, I’m giving Mac Face and Body a crack.

I have a few specifications I require in a foundation:

  • it needs to be a light, natural coverage
  • it has to be buildable
  • it needs to blend into my skin and have a satin finish – nothing too matte or too dewy.
  • it needs to be ok for sensitive skin

IMG_1302.jpgNow Mac Face and Body has dimethicone listed as one of its first ingredients, however after reading reviews that it hasn’t been irritating others with sensitive skin, I decided to give it a try as it satisfied every other criteria.

So far so good, I get a great light coverage, in a great neutral shade for my skin tone and it lasts all day on my skin. It does get a bit dewy along my nose, however it still sticks hard to said nose and even my sunnies don’t rub it off.

I have found this best applied with my fingers for a more medium coverage (and it uses less product too!) however a beauty blender or brush have also worked for me for a lighter coverage.

This is a setting foundation, so work quickly! But once on its lasting me a good 8-10 hours on my skin.

It comes in easy to use packaging, which right now is super minimal in, and it comes in at a ridiculously good price for 120ml (almost 3 times what I got in my last foundation for the same price!).

My biggest gripe? The small shade range – its really at the lighter shade of the spectrum. And whilst light coverage is workable on multiple skin tones, one darkish shade doesn’t cut it.

So in conclusion: this foundation is great for someone looking for a tried and tested foundation that lasts on dry combination skin for a full working day, as long as you fit into the skin shades.

It’s not so great on someone with more oily skin, looking for higher coverage or of deeper skin tone.


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