Last week I had a break from my screens at home. 

I ran instagram on autopilot, watched re-runs of Archer, and slept. 

I work in the corporate world, so I stare at screens all day, typing away, and it can be really difficult to come home at night and do it all over again. 

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I am a HUGE tea lover. I have been drinking it almost my whole life, and its a huge part of my family bonding process. 

You know you’ve made it in when you are offered a cup of tea. 

When I am with my family I can drink up to 8 cups of english breakfast tea a day. One before breakfast, one with breakfast, one for morning tea, one with lunch, one with afternoon tea, one before dinner and one after dinner, finishing the day with one before bed. 

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So before I fell unwell last week, I have been really getting back into some of the things that I used to love but haven’t really kept up with in the hub-bub of early career madness and health difficulties. 

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So one of the things I really wanted to achieve on this blog is to keep it as honest as possible. And to be honest, I call a spade a spade, and if its a shit spade, I call it a shit spade.

So I really wanted to talk about struggling with exercise. I want to say I’m that person who bounces out of bed and or skips out of work and off to work out. I’m really not. 

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Health and wellness means many different things to many people. 

To some, it means living life to the fullest. To others, it can mean taking everything in moderation.

Some people love yoga, some people love running. Me, I’m more a pilates/swimming girl, but I’m trying to expand my exercise horizons. 

For the last year to eighteen months, I have been struggling with my health.

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