Face Base

A while ago I wrote about how my skin started rejecting products with silicone in them, specifically the ingredient dimethicone (I know this isn’t the only silicone ingredient but it seems to be the one my skin reacts most to). I don’t know why this was, or what caused it, but I had to adjust my whole beauty routine, including make up.

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So I am considered over weight. 

After years of medical issues more serious than my weight, I am not afraid to admit I have a little too much weight on this frame. 

And this is where I promptly fall foul of the weight loss industry and how it interacts with the medical sector. 

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So until recently (and by recent I mean the last 5 years) I had nil to no interest in make up. 

I participated in a basic beauty routine and tried to get away with as minimal make up as possible. 

It wasn’t until I really started working and spent some more time with my sister-in-law that I started to become more interested in it. 

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So before I fell unwell last week, I have been really getting back into some of the things that I used to love but haven’t really kept up with in the hub-bub of early career madness and health difficulties. 

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I recently found I was getting a lot of texture on my face, down along my chin. 

I left it alone for a while, thinking it would clear itself up. However the longer I left it, the redder it became and eventually it turned into large, angry pimples that were very sore and full of puss. 

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